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My Story .. How it all started!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Gong Mediation at Smita House- Dubai 2018

1-11-2020 Today marks my 3 years old awakened. It has been an astonishing journey of self-exploration and it is still going.

At some point of my life I felt that I had lost direction. I was miserable within and craved for answers. I was unsatisfied at work, unsatisfied with relations, no mater how hard I tried, no matter how much I engaged myself in fitness, travelling, learning new things or meeting new people, I felt like something was missing. I just wasn’t in peace. Everything I tried was all temporary fixes.

Then I was inspired to try something new which was Gong & Sound meditation. It was a life changing for me, I slowly began to feel a growing sense of peace.

I found Smita through Meetup app. She used to hold Gong meditation session at her home in Dubai just for fun, inviting suffering souls and mediation enthusiasts for one of a kind experience. It was an awesome thing to get to know new people that have the same interest, plus the experience itself, it was from another world, and unlike anything I've tried before.

Gong and Sound Meditation

Gong Meditation is designed in a way that uses sound frequencies, thought to heal the body on a cellular level. You must hydrate yourself well before attending sessions to get best results. Smita used to instruct us to close our eyes and let ourselves go with sounds flowing from instruments and listen to her guided meditation, her words took us to a faraway peaceful places, some people fell a sleep during the session and it was hilarious to hear them snoring haha.

I don't think Smita is giving those sessions anymore, it's been a long time, however, I am grateful for the experience was given. I've been experimenting many techniques ever sense I was open to that world.

Most of my life I’ve been living on autopilot from one day to the other.

Now, after the awakening, I was aware of what I was doing and feeling, at almost every moment. I wasn’t just balanced or happy, I was growing aware and acknowledging mentally, this thing is making me happy, and that wasn’t. I realized how many poor choices I have been programmed to making, on autopilot.

A major difference I saw, was not just an improvement in mental health, but my physical health and overall reality began to change, too.

I’ve touched very briefly many of things above, and there’s yet a lot more to come. It’s been over 3 years and I’m still peeling layers and finding newer insights on this journey.

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