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Sri Lanka Trip part 1- Colombo

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Travelling with my Friend Sanaa

We are going on a trip.. So excited!!

Clombo is a nice city!!

The views of the city are stunning...

We stayed at Ozo Hotel

Train is a popular transportation in Sri Lanka...

BUBA Beach sea food restaurant in Mount Lavinia.. It's a gem in Colombo!!

The best way to commute is by TokTok.. It allows for better views of the scenery.

Sea food in Colombo is so fresh!!

Sri Lanka is famous for Gem stones.

We decided to go for massage.. Not the best experience but it was ok!!

We are enjoying our time so much!!

Folklore performance in one of Sri Lanka's religious occasions. They welcomed us and offered nice Hot tea.

Sanaa is so rejuvenated and enjoying her time at the terrace =)

Laksala offers good quality souvenirs

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